Norilsk joint magnetic-ionospheric station

Tasks types of observations
  • ionospheric station
  • Cosmic rays (neutron monitor data)
  • Magnetic - variation stations (MBC)
The current data
  • AARI (data MBC)
  • Kyoto (data MBC)

1.09 Geophysical Observatory

  • Monitoring the structure and dynamics of the upper and middle atmosphere using passive radiophysical and optical methods.
types of observations
  • Measuring speeds and directions of irregularities in the lower ionosphere
  • Measuring the parameters of the inhomogeneous structure of the ionosphere by the Doppler method on a system of short inclined slopes
  • Optical observations of the radiation of the Earth's middle and upper atmosphere
  • Measurement of the surface solar ultraviolet radiation

1.08 Observatory for radiophysical diagnostics of the atmosphere

  • Conduct experiments to study the ionospheric response to geomagnetic disturbances
  • Research experiments on variations of ionospheric plasma parameters under different helio-geophysical conditions
  • Conducting experiments on the longitudinal effects in the ionosphere according to the HP's global network of radars
  • Conducting experiments on observation of low-orbit satellites and space "junk" in various solar and geophysical conditions

1.07. Joint Magnetic-Ionospheric Observatory

  • Study the origin of geoeffective formations in the solar wind and their diagnostics
  • Modeling of magnetospheric disturbances
  • Electromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere
Types of observations
  • Observations of an alternating magnetic field of the Earth
  • Monitoring the intensity of cosmic rays

1.06. Laboratory of experimental and applied investigations of the near-Earth space

  • Active space experiments on investigating the impact of exhaust jets of the spacecrafts' on-board propulsion systems on the traveling ionospheric plasma
  • The study of large-scale shifting and wavy ionospheric disturbances in geomagnetically quiet conditions and during geomagnetic storms.
  • The study of morphological features of Es layer and small-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances on these oblique and slightly oblique sounding above the Asian parts of Russia.

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