1.05. Laboratory of investigating the dynamic processes in the ionosphere


  • Theoretical and experimental studies of the formation and development of small-scale inhomogeneities of the ionospheric plasma
  • Growth of methods of processing non-stationary signals
  • Mathematical modeling of small-scale irregularities in the plasma
  • Deployment, support and growth of the russian segment of the SuperDARN coherent radars system.
  • Study of the ionosphere's dynamic parameters by passive Doppler methods during natural and artificial disturbances.

Oleg I. Berngardt, lab.head, Ph.D.
Il'in Nikolay V. Leading Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Oynats Aleksey V. Senior Researcher, Cand. Of Sci.
Grozov Viktor P. Senior Researcher, Cand. Of Sci.
Ponomarchuk Sergey N. Senior Researcher, Cand. Of Sci.
Laryunin Oleg A. Researcher, Cand. Of Sci.
Grkovich Konstantin V. Researcher
Podlesny Alexey V. Researcher
Ivanova Vera A. Researcher
Kutelev Konstantin A.

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