1.04. Laboratory of physics of the lower and middle atmosphere


  • Aeronomy of the Earth's middle and upper atmosphere, thermodynamic conditions of the stratosphere and mesosphere, wave activity of the atmosphere, solar-terrestrial interactions, self-radiation of the upper atmosphere of the Earth.
  • Monitoring of the structure and dynamics of the upper and middle atmosphere during heliogeophysical disturbances (solar activity, geomagnetic storms, sudden winter stratospheric warmings and other phenomena) by satellite- and ground-based optical methods.
  • Meteorology and meteorological effects in the ionosphere and upper atmosphere.
  • Regularities of changes in global and regional climate, determination of the effect that heliophysical factors produce on the basic components of the climate system (troposphere, ocean, cryosphere) on different time scales. Detection and study of the physical mechanisms that determine the response of the climate system to the impact of these factors.
  • Application tasks:
    Satellite monitoring of vegetation cover, land surface and fires.

Vasiliev Roman V. Head of laboratory, Cand. of Sci.
Mikhalev Alexander V. Leading Researcher, Dr. of Sci.
Kovalenko Vladimir A. Major Researcher, Dr. of Sci.
Molodykh Sergei I. Leading Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Degtyarev Vitaliy I. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Mordvinov Vladimir I. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Sorokin Alexander G. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Chernigovskaya Marina A. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Medvedeva Irina V. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Beletsky Alexander B. Senior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Tashchilin Michael A. Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Kirichenko Kirill Y. Junior Researcher
Lobycheva Irina Yu. Junior Researcher
Karakhanyan Ashken A. Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Vasileva Larissa A. Junior Researcher
Leonovich Vitaly A. Junior Researcher
Zorkaltseva Olga S. Junior Researcher, Cand. of Sci.
Kostarev Danila V. Junior Researcher
Globa Maria V. Junior Researcher
Mylnikova Anna A. Junior Researcher

Engineering staff

Semenov Sergey M. Software Engineer
Rybkina Larissa V. Software Engineer
Rubtsova Olga A. Software Engineer
Kostyleva Nadezhda V. Software Engineer
Khominich Margarita O. Software Engineer
Yakovleva Irina P. Engineer
Artamonov Maksim F. Software Engineer
Kurochkina Tat'yana G. Software Engineer
Chudnenko Svetlana E. Software Engineer
Gazizova Larisa S. Technician

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