Tasks of the Department

  • the study of processes in the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere by theoretical and experimental methods;
  • the study of propagation of radio waves in HF, VHF and UHF bands in the ionospheric plasma
  • the study of plasma physics in an inhomogeneous magnetic field in the presence of disturbances and objects
  • the development of radiophysical methods of remote diagnostics and monitoring of the upper atmosphere and the near-Earth space
The department has a wide range of experimental facilities, namely, seven observatories, a large number of various instruments, and close ties with the institutes of a similar field of research all over the world. These capabilities allow us to make complex experiments with the activation of different measurement tools, both in Russia - from Europe to Kamchatka, from the border with Mongolia to the Arctic coast, and abroad.
Head of Department - Dr. Vladimir I. Kurkin
Advisor RAS, academician RAS Gely A.Zherebtsov

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