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Physics of relativistic collisionless shocks: The scattering-center frame

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Guy Pelletier, Laurent Gremillet, Arno Vanthieghem, and Martin Lemoine

In this first paper of a series dedicated to the microphysics of unmagnetized, relativistic collisionless pair shocks, we discuss the physics of the Weibel-type transverse current filamentation instability that develops in the shock precursor, through the interaction of an ultrarelativistic suprathe...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013205] Published Wed Jul 17, 2019

High-frequency response of classical strongly coupled plasmas

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Yongjun Choi, Gautham Dharuman, and Michael S. Murillo

The dynamic structure factor (DSF) of the Yukawa system is here obtained with highly converged molecular dynamics (MD) over the entire liquid phase. The data provide a rigorous test of theoretical models of ion-acoustic wave-dispersion relations, the intermediate scattering function, and the high-fr...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013206] Published Wed Jul 17, 2019

Kinetic plasma waves carrying orbital angular momentum

Mon, 07/15/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): D. R. Blackman, R. Nuter, Ph. Korneev, and V. T. Tikhonchuk

The structure of Langmuir plasma waves carrying a finite orbital angular momentum is revised in the paraxial approximation. It is shown that the kinetic effects related to higher-order momenta of the electron distribution function lead to coupling of Laguerre-Gaussian modes and result in a modificat...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013204] Published Mon Jul 15, 2019

Topology and stochasticity of turbulent magnetic fields

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Amir Jafari and Ethan Vishniac

We present a mathematical formalism for the topology and stochasticity of vector fields based on renormalization group methodology. The concept of a scale-split energy density, ψl,L=Bl·BL/2 for vector field B(x,t) renormalized at scales l and L, is introduced in order to quantify the notion of the f...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013201] Published Mon Jul 08, 2019

Influence of atomic kinetics on inverse bremsstrahlung heating and nonlocal thermal transport

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Hai P. Le, Mark Sherlock, and Howard A. Scott

This paper describes a computational model that self-consistently combines physics of kinetic electrons and atomic processes in a single framework. The formulation consists of a kinetic Vlasov-Boltzmann-Fokker-Planck equation for free electrons and a non-Maxwellian collisional-radiative model for at...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013202] Published Mon Jul 08, 2019

Dynamics of the boundary layer created by the explosion of a dense object in an ambient dilute gas triggered by a high power laser

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Ryutaro Matsui, Yuji Fukuda, and Yasuaki Kishimoto

The dynamics of the boundary layer in between two distinct collisionless plasmas created by the interaction between a dense object modeling a cluster and a short laser pulse in the presence of an ambient gas is studied with two dimensional relativistic particle-in-cell simulations, which are found t...

[Phys. Rev. E 100, 013203] Published Mon Jul 08, 2019

Atom-in-jellium equations of state in the high-energy-density regime

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Damian C. Swift, Thomas Lockard, Richard G. Kraus, Lorin X. Benedict, Philip A. Sterne, Mandy Bethkenhagen, Sebastien Hamel, and Bard I. Bennett

Recent path-integral Monte Carlo and quantum molecular dynamics simulations have shown that computationally efficient average-atom models can predict thermodynamic states in warm dense matter to within a few percent. One such atom-in-jellium model has typically been used to predict the electron-ther...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063210] Published Fri Jun 28, 2019

Electron-induced vibrational excitation of ${\mathrm{CO}}_{2}$ in dc electric and magnetic fields

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Mirjana M. Vojnović, Miroslav M. Ristić, Violeta V. Stanković, and Goran B. Poparić

In the present study rate coefficients for vibrational excitation of CO2 gas molecules by electrons in the presence of uniform electric and magnetic fields are investigated. Calculations are performed for transition from the ground state to each of the symmetric, asymmetric, and bending vibrational ...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063211] Published Fri Jun 28, 2019

Three-wave interactions in magnetized warm-fluid plasmas: General theory with evaluable coupling coefficient

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Yuan Shi

Resonant three-wave coupling is an important mechanism via which waves interact in a nonlinear medium. When the medium is a magnetized warm-fluid plasma, a previously unknown formula for the coupling coefficients is derived by solving the fluid-Maxwell's equations to second order using multiscale pe...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063212] Published Fri Jun 28, 2019

Neutrino oscillations and instabilities in degenerate relativistic astrophysical plasmas

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Fernando Haas

We set up a proposal to extend significantly recent works on neutrino-plasma interaction, allowing the possibility of deep degenerate and relativistic electrons, which are often present in compact stars such as high-density white dwarfs. The methodology involves the covariant hydrodynamic formulatio...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063209] Published Thu Jun 27, 2019

Excess pressure and electric fields in nonideal plasma hydrodynamics

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): A. Diaw and Michael S. Murillo

Nonideal plasmas have nontrivial space and time correlations, which simultaneously impact both the excess thermodynamic quantities as well as the collision processes. However, hydrodynamics models for designing and interpreting nonideal plasma experiments, such as inertial-confinement fusion experim...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063207] Published Mon Jun 24, 2019

Direct-drive measurements of laser-imprint-induced shock velocity nonuniformities

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): J. L. Peebles, S. X. Hu, W. Theobald, V. N. Goncharov, N. Whiting, P. M. Celliers, S. J. Ali, G. Duchateau, E. M. Campbell, T. R. Boehly, and S. P. Regan

Perturbations in the velocity profile of a laser-ablation-driven shock wave seeded by speckle in the spatial beam intensity (i.e., laser imprint) have been measured. Direct measurements of these velocity perturbations were recorded using a two-dimensional high-resolution velocimeter probing plastic ...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063208] Published Mon Jun 24, 2019

Growth of nanoparticles in dynamic plasma

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): V. Vekselman, Y. Raitses, and M. N. Shneider

Coagulation growth kinetics of nanoparticles in plasma is affected by interparticle electrostatic forces due to the charging phenomenon. In stationary plasmas, unipolar charging of particles results in retardation of particle growth and may result in a limitation on particle size. We demonstrate the...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063205] Published Thu Jun 20, 2019

Shear modulus of two-dimensional Yukawa or dusty-plasma solids obtained from the viscoelasticity in the liquid state

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Kang Wang, Dong Huang, and Yan Feng

Langevin dynamical simulations of two-dimensional (2D) Yukawa liquids are performed to investigate the shear modulus of 2D solid dusty plasmas. Using the known transverse sound speeds, we obtain a theoretical expression of the shear modulus of 2D Yukawa crystals as a function of the screening parame...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063206] Published Thu Jun 20, 2019

Thomson scattering cross section in a magnetized, high-density plasma

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): A. F. A. Bott and G. Gregori

We calculate the Thomson scattering cross section in a nonrelativistic, magnetized, high-density plasma—in a regime where collective excitations can be described by magnetohydrodynamics. We show that, in addition to cyclotron resonances and an elastic peak, the cross section exhibits two pairs of pe...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063204] Published Tue Jun 18, 2019

Configurational temperature in dusty plasmas

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Michael Himpel and André Melzer

The temperature of a dust ensemble in a dusty plasma is one of its most fundamental properties. Here, we present experiments using the configurational temperature as a for the temperature analysis in dusty plasmas. Using a model of the particle interactions, the configurational temperature allows us...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063203] Published Thu Jun 13, 2019

Plasma-grain interaction mediated by streaming non-Maxwellian ions

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Sita Sundar and Zhandos A. Moldabekov

A comprehensive parametric study of plasma-grain interaction for non-Maxwellian streaming ions in steady-state employing particle-in-cell simulations is delineated. Instead of considering the intergrain interaction potential to be the linear sum of isolated grain potentials, we incorporate the numer...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063202] Published Mon Jun 10, 2019

Creating localized plasma waves by ionization of doped semiconductors

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Kenan Qu and Nathaniel J. Fisch

Localized plasma waves can be generated by suddenly ionizing extrinsic semiconductors with spatially periodic dopant densities. The built-in electrostatic potentials at the metallurgical junctions, combined with electron density ripples, offer the exact initial condition for exciting long-lasting pl...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 063201] Published Tue Jun 04, 2019

Theory of a cavity around a large floating sphere in complex (dusty) plasma

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): Sergey Khrapak, Peter Huber, Hubertus Thomas, Vadim Naumkin, Vladimir Molotkov, and Andrey Lipaev

In the last experiment with the PK-3 Plus laboratory onboard the International Space Station, interactions of millimeter-size metallic spheres with a complex plasma were studied [M. Schwabe et al., New J. Phys. 19, 103019 (2017)]. Among the phenomena observed was the formation of cavities (regions f...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 053210] Published Fri May 31, 2019

Transverse instability magnetic field thresholds of electron phase-space holes

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 10:00

Author(s): I. H. Hutchinson

A detailed comparison is presented of analytical and particle-in-cell simulation investigation of the transverse instability, in two dimensions, of initially one-dimensional electron phase-space hole equilibria. Good quantitative agreement is found between the shift-mode analysis and the simulations...

[Phys. Rev. E 99, 053209] Published Thu May 30, 2019

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